Gloria Quiming 

Owner and founder of U Barre & East Sac Pilates

 The U Barre method was founded by Gloria Quiming in 2010. Quiming studied under Madeline Black and Jorge Chobowski. Her love of movement and exploration for modifications and positions for injured and limited mobility clients made her fall in love with classical barre work as a means to perform Joseph Pilates intentions for exercising the body. Her unique method incorporates Pilates principles and ballet progressions as a movement methodology to keep any body mobile, graceful, and lean. Her motto is "motion is lotion for the body." 



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Jacqueline Mietus 

U Barre Marketing & Events Director 

Barre & Reformer Pilates Instructor 


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Meghan Brown

Lead Barre & Reformer Pilates Instructor 


Kelsey Jantzen

Barre Instructor

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We hire certified barre instructors who have gone through the required Barre Alliance teacher training course and who have completed their minimum assistant hours with a partner studio. For upcoming trainings please visit www.thebarrealliance.com