U Barre is Sacramento's premier boutique barre studio, featuring small Ballet and Pilates inspired classes and private Pilates reformer sessions. Located in East Sacramento, the studio offers a bright, beautiful, and uplifting setting to reshape your body and revive your spirit.

Pilates became popular with dancers in the early 1970s in New York City. That’s when young dancers started using this type of training to not only prevent injuries, but to increase flexibility and core strength, too. Ultimately, fitness experts discovered the beauty of combining both the principles of classic ballet and Pilates with the use of a ballet barre. In the last few years, barre has been the hottest movement trend and barre exercise classes have become the go-to method for those who want to perform smart and mindful movements while still “feeling the burn” and blasting calories.

U Barre features an intimate barre studio (which lends itself to individual, hands-on instruction), a Pilates reformer studio, lobby and restroom. Come visit Sacramento's premier Barre & Pilates Studio today.